Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How Genevieve Nnaji Sold Her Daughter To Become Famous

Popular Nigeria Nollyhood actress Genevieve Nnaji secret exposed how she sold her daughter to become famous, I scoop this gist from one of follow blogger like me at . the gist is not based on my own view of thought..

For long now, our sniffers had been busy sniffing and tracking on the popular Nigerian actress, and female celebrity, Genevieve Nnaji. They had been busy gathering every available information about the popular actress- from her past to her present, and finally we have something daring to share.
Genny, please don’t feel bad about this, we are only doing our job just as you do in your movie setting, it’s all for the paper! Lol…
Now, let’s roll…
I am very convinced that you all already know that Genevieve had a child out of wedlock right? Yes, I am sure you know that already. And you are aware that she was a teen when that happened right? And as usual, her parents was mad at her for bringing shame on the family, and in the process, her father drove her away and even threatened to disown her for being a wayward daughter- blame the Owerri environment where Genny grew up, and the secondary school she attended (not gonna announce that).
Genny was pushed to the wall when her father refused to forgive her mistake, and the pregnancy was already getting irrevocable, so that Genny finally delivered the baby and it turned out to be a girl.
After the baby delivery, Genny knew education wasn’t for her anymore, so she knew that her best option was to continue on the path she had chosen- the path to independence.
At the same time, Genny knew that embarking on that journey of independence with an extra load- a baby, wouldn’t be an easy one, so she began to look for an alternative, and that was how she met the man (name intentionally withheld) who had been married for some years without any fruit of the womb coming from his wife, and the man adopted Genny’s baby to enable Genny go into the world to hustle for survival, and that was it.
It may interest you to know that Genny’s daughter still lives with the man and his family in Lagos mainland, though Genny’s daughter is now a first year student in one of the private universities in the SouthWest Nigeria.
She calls the man and his wife dad and mom. And what I cherish most about this whole issue is how Genny and the family that adopted her daughter had been managing to keep it cool, clean and free of drama plus media publicity. But then, why won’t the man be loyal when Genny had been helping to get him contracts because he is a contractor? In fact, Genny had been more than a blessing to the man. The man’s comfortable financial status today owes tribute to Genny’s fame in the Nigerian movie industry.
So if you think Genny is living and training her daughter, then you are very WRONG!

Finally, are you aware that Genny is a….? Let’s leave that for another gist…


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Stupid blogger, fake gist!!!

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