Sunday, 30 December 2012

India gang-rape victim's body cremated

The level of rape in India as become to something very interesting that the international community are trying to finding solution to it now,recently young woman was gang raped in bus in the city, she was brutally attacked by six men who inserted an iron rod into her body on December 16 .but later she was fly abroad for medical treatment in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore while she was treated for about 10 days. the victim of the gang rape was later died on Saturday and young woman's body was cremated in a private ceremony on Sunday in Delhi. in effort of good governance in India the government of India as promises that they will bring out the names and photos of convicted rapists following days of widespread protests.

After her death, thousands of mourning Indians lit candles, held prayer meetings and marched through various cities and towns, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, on Saturday night to express their grief.
The mourners demanded stronger protection for women and the death penalty for rape, which is now punishable by a maximum of life imprisonment.

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Sara Leone said...

The photos of the gang rape victim has been released by the media, here is the picture.

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