Sunday, 30 December 2012

Chris Brown And Rihanna Storm Abidjan For Kora Awards

Kora awards for 2012 edition  was to held at Ivory Coast city Abidjan on Saturday 29 DEC 2012,but the awards event was shifted to 31 DEC 2012 because of the host artist of the day, American multiple Grammy awards winner Chris Brown miss his flight.

But later the organizer of the award came out that the event was shifted because of heavy rain and other logistical hiccups were behind the postponement.Kora awards in African can be describe as American Grammy award,the award was to recognize African musician in the sub Sahara continent of African. But this year edition will be outstanding because American multiple Grammy awards winner Chris Brown has landed in the economic capital city of Ivory Coast(Abidjan)alongside with another American multiple Grammy awards winner Rihanna, Rihanna was hail from Barbados,was by his side, wearing dark glasses.

This year edition will make history in history of Kora awards because of the two biggest artist in the game has storm to perform along side each other on stage, more artist that will billed the event is Nigerian duo P-Square, winner of the last top Kora prize in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou in 2010, will also take part in that event.


Anonymous said...

Mr Koya, you need to work on your grammar, very poor.

Anonymous said...

Wow this should be something to see. Chris Brown and Rihanna to perform together on stage in Abijhan. More Power to them!! America has been so judgemental of this couple why even bother performing a Duet here!!!

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