Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Straight from the heart.? Age Differences In Relationship

Pls help me post this: am a young man and am dating a lady who happens to be a year older than me. I met her when she was going through an emotional stress with her ex. I came into her life and restored her happiness back. Since then we have been going out. She is financially okay and am yet to have a job. She does things for and I do things for her too. I love her so much that am ready to settle down with her. She loves me too, according to her. Now, there problem am having with her is her attitude, most times when we will at home together, we will be staying like strangers, we hardly play, crack jokes, discuss. Even if we do, its only brief. Sometimes she will just keep to herself and not want to talk at all. And this makes me feel bad and sad. I am a man, I love to treat my woman right. I love to play a lot with my lady, pet her, tell her sweet things, kiss her goodmorning and night etc. 
Just to keep the relationship going and re-affirming my commitment. I love to have a heart-to-heart talk. But right now I don't find myself doing all these and am not happy about it. Now am in the verge of getting a job. Do I continue with this relationship hoping that things will get better?. Do I drop the relationship and look for another lady?. My worry now is, I don't the remours to be that she was there for me when I had nothing and that things are getting better, I want to run away. I still love her so much and I hope she changes her moody attitudes. I don't want to be involve in a broken marriage. And she knows I love so much. I just wish things are perfect like I wanted. Because I know am a good man, and I will make a perfect husband. And she has attested to this several times. What do I do?




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Godsentmaster Asemota said...

Guy my advice for u is to let her know of wat is going on within u, a problem shared is a problem solved, so sit her down tell her wat u want to tell her abt her attitude toward d relationship n hear a respond from her, because some lady's know wat dey are doing is wrong but dey just want their man to notice it n tell dem before dey change.

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