Thursday, 1 November 2012

She Still Virgn But Her Boyfriends Need Sex?Sincere Advice

                      She absolutely needs your sincere advice,Straight from the heart
Happy new month to Gistyinka Readers,keep up the good work. I'm 23 yrs,serving presently. I met this guy online a few months back,he is not in Nigeria but in Malaysia and he is the most caring guy
I've ever met,despite the fact that we haven't seen,he cares for me and he tells me that he loves me which i know is true,he introduced me to his mum and family members and I've met them in person n i introduced him to my mum too. Although i didn't tell her i met him online and he calls her often. The issue is that he is planning for introduction when he comes home in December and wedding nxt year and he said when he comes he is goin to have sex with me and I don't think I'm ready for that because I'm
still a virgin. I tld him this and he said ok but i'll do romance and oral sex for him. I'm totally confused because I don't know if this will work. Hope we are not taking...
things too fast,perhaps i should tell him when he comes to hold on for the introduction for us to know each other well or what do u think please? Does online relationship work? What if he comes home and I don't love him the way I used to and vice-versa? Is oral sex healthy pls?

Thank you,



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