Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Save Bakassi Peoples: War Over Nigeria And Cameroun

Pres. Olusegun Obasanjo and Pres. Paul Biya of Cameroon signed the Greentree Agreement however the clause not to "force Nigerian nationals living in the Bakassi Peninsula to leave the Zone" has been ignored.
 Hello my fellow nigeria,with the grave concern the current pligth of indigenous peoples of bakassi,the Nigeria enclave that ceded to the government of Cameroon via the October 10,2002 judgment of the international court of justice(ICJ).with respectfully request of the federal republic of Nigeria to revisit the judgment of international court of justice (ICJ)as it concerns the bakassi peninsula in the case of concerning the land and maritime boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria which was delivery by the ICJ on 10 October,2002 with a view to determine whether good grounds exist for an application to be made by federal republic of Nigeria to ICJ for revision of the judgment before the time limited for making such application expires on 10,October 2012 and the opportunity is lost forever.why the court may revised decisive new facts that are unknown to the both nations.application must be made within 10 years of the judgment and within 6 months of the discovery of such new facts.

Bakassi limits of land and boundaries between Nigeria and Cameroon dates as far back as 1811 when the British made the treaty that went rom the lake chad region down to the Atlantic region through Rio Del Rey estuary.in possession 1822 document which vested ownership of the bakassi peninsula to the old calabar chiefs by extension to Nigeria .

On 10 october 2002,ICJ had ruled in favor of Cameroon.an in 2006,acting on the judgment ,the government of president olusegun obasanjo began process of handing over bakassi peninsula to Cameroon.they live with injustice for many years.in my own point of view urge the federal government to revisit the ceding of bakassi to Cameroon and to explore all legitimate avenues permissible under international law  to help the indigenous peoples of bakassi reclaim their ancestral land..

It is against the natural law to force a people to suddenly become citizens of a country they have chosen not to belong to:is is also unjust to force them out of their ancestral land...kindly join my to make petition and fight for the people of the Bakkassi....SIGN ONLINE PETITION HERE


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