Thursday, 25 October 2012

M I Tribute To Aluu 4 With Track Titles - Ashes

 After brutal killing of four innocent student of uniport who was alleged killed and burn to ashes for alleged stealing of I pad and laptop on 5 Oct this year in community village of aluu in rivers state..many Nigeria as voices out with this kind of heartless and cruel mind of this community members..many Nigeria celebrity have reacted to this situation such as Dbanj who issue statement via UN peace Ambassador BUT now the Mr incredible himself has come out with music track called  Ashes which was made as tribute to the late ALUU 4.I was heart broken and moving on was so difficult but this song remind me that no matter how difficult it is, its possible and sooner or later things will get better .Rest in Peace says M.i Jude Abaga to the Aluu4 Victims ."we all ashes......instead of them let it be me" ,a very touching song cry cry .

“4 young men died at the hands of a lynch mob on the 5th of October 2012. Whether or not their deaths will mean anything, or fade out of our minds as just another meaningless tragedy, is up to us and what we do from here on. I hope this song captures that message. Nothing would be worse than for a death to mean nothing. Nothing.” -MI Abaga

It's a very emotional track...below are some lyrics from the beginning of the song.

[i]Instead it be them, let it be me/since i will die, inevitable/then let be said/when i'm dead/some mother was free, some mother was fed/some mother not me/was able to see/as long as we live in a country where no one is safe, no one is safe/we only evade, try to escape the imminent doom/but closer the date looms...

The song has two verses from M.I, and a very emotionally performed chorus/hook. And at the end, he just speaks his rapping, just talk. Check out some of his words below.

It feels like I stood their watching. The pain and the brutal torture. And added my silence to the violent screams of burn and torture...If life is a painted portrait, who puts dark colours in em. If there is a God in Heaven, surely he is whipping now. As all the blood is shedding. As all these people drown. God help us all. Rest in peace Chidi. Rest in peace Lloyd. Rest in peace Tekena. Rest in peace Ugonna. Rest in peace to the students murdered in Adamawa state. Rest in peace to those two young girls


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