Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nigeria Top Ten Private Jets Owners

In the latest research.Nigeria dominated the fastest growing acquisition of private jets in the world.the markets as cost wealthy Nigeria about N1 trillion in five years.privates jets markets rose very well in Nigeria to 650% from 2007 to 2012.while in 2007 about 20 privates jets is owns in Nigeria.but the markets as rose to 150 privates jets.making Nigeria and china the leading acquisition of privates gets in the world are the short list of the top ten privates gets. 
Type Price Owner
1. Falcons 7X.                          $51m(N8.2billion)                           Mike Adenuga
2. Bombardier Global 6000              $45.5m(N7.3billion)                      Unknown
3. Bombardier Global Express 5000            $45m(N7.2billion)            Aliko Dangote
4. Gulfstream G550                  $40m (N6.4billion)                                    Bishop Oyedepo
5. Gulfstream V                  $30m (N4.8billion)                          Bishop Oyedepo & Pastor Adeboye
6. Bombardier Challenger 604       $30m(N4.8b)                              Mike Adenuga
7. Embracer Legacy 650                   $30m (N4.8b)                      Ifeanyi Uba
8. Hawker 900XP                     $20m(N3.2b)                            Dr Kashim and Sir Aremu Johnson
9. Gulfstream G450                             $15m   (N2.4b)           Bishop oyedepo
10. LearJet $13.3m (N2.1b)                                          Bishop Oyedepo and Dr Kashim
 With Bishop david Oyedepo have four privates jets....pls drop your comment....

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