Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kate Middleton Topless Pics: Court Shut Down Publication

Kate Middleton topless pics as go viral on internest in the recents weeks now,have caused disrespect to the royal house now,with the first publication in french magazine which is now been seeing on blogs,social medial site.

But this morning the french court verdict the shut down of the invasion of Kate and Prince William's privacy a "brutal display"french court order the closer magazine all digital copies of the pics ... or else. The "or else" is a $13,100 daily fine.

  1. Closer must not print any more copies of its controversial issue and take the topless pictures off its website
  2. The photos cannot be published in any other magazines or papers in France
  3. The photographs cannot be sold by them to anyone else in the world
  4. Within 24 hours the offending pictures must be handed over to the Palace
  5. Closer would get a 10,000 euro daily fine each time they sell them on or publish them
  6. They will receive the same fine if they don't hand over all images by midday tomorrow
  7. Legal fees of 2,000 euros handed to the Duke and Duchess

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