Thursday, 13 September 2012

Apple company introduce Iphone 5

After disappointment from apple company over the introduction of iPhone 4s in the markets,the leading smartphone gadgets is now back with the introduction of iPhone 5 which was unveil yesterday in USA while apple websites define it as “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”thinner,lighter design. 
            Telecom analysis as talk about the news version of the apple iphone 5 now,
Gary Buchan, from digital marketing agency, Render Positive:
"The iPhone 5 looks set to hit the consumer's 4G-Spot. There was unbelievable hype beforehand but the initial impression is that the iPhone 5 has lived up to it.
Faster, thinner, lighter, bigger screen and with an abundance of new features, expect the iPhone 5 to shift millions of units in the first month and bring even more new customers into the Apple ecosystem.
Slowly but surely the iPhone is embedding itself deeper and deeper into the fabric of our lives.
With these latest enhancements in the new device and further social integrations in iOS6, Apple is poised to become even more central to how people work, socialise and live."

                                              FEATURES OF IPHONE 5 

• New iPhone is thinner, has larger screen, and supports 4G network
• Apple says new A6 chip makes device twice as fast and uses new operating system
• Claims that 4G and new processor won’t drain battery
 8 megapixel camera, the new handset will certainly offer clarity in your shots
             OMG with all this features in iphone 5,i will be glad ti get one in my hand soon...think of it now apple company says that it will cost $199 (N31,452) as retails price in USA while16GB model and $299 (N47,257) for the 32GB model and $399 (N63,062) for the 64GB model.

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