Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nigeria Olympic basketballer Farouq Aminu Denies Nigeria

One of Nigeria  representative at London 2012 Olympic in  basketball  team player Al Farouq Aminu denies that is not nigeria,it just by birth being Nigeria.Al Farouq Aminu says that he as not being in the country nigeria,He however says  that his father is Nigeria with that, he can play for Nigeria due to dual nationality.
‘I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia but my dad is Nigerian’, the former LA Clippers player said.
Aminu who current plays as a small forward in the US for the New Orleans Hornets, played in all five games for the Nigerian Basketball Team in the London 2012 Olympics.

While according to Tmz,Nigeira as being label as such scam comic in sports federation..this guy is among the Nigeria basketball team that fail the country in London 2012 Olympic games.their are many Patriotic Nigerias basketballer here in Nigeria that are willing to play for the nation with good heart than this people that will called foreign base player,even i was so shock when i check the list of the players in our basketball team seeing many foreign guys their,for what this guy have said it show how the team nigeira fail in terms of political influences.pls let sit back and promote grassroots sports in this that will can compete with the level of the develop country.

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