Thursday, 9 August 2012

Is their any hope for Nigeria?

Is their any hope for Nigeria? This is the later question that are in mind of millions of Nigeria citizen including my that is writing litter review for the hope for our great nation,because Nigeria is about 160 millions citizen and about 100 millions of us make $1 per day while the other 60 millions make or not enough for the daily basic need.Based on the situation about our insecurity of persons and property,political stability of the nation, economic development which as being stagnant for so long for our independent,increasing pauperization of the masses , degraded infrastructure of power, transportation, educational and health facilities, all pervasive corruption and excessive greed and self-seeking amongst the three tiers of government, unresponsive governance and growing pessimism amongst the vast majority of the country’s population.In nutshell millions of Nigeria are suffering form the natural endowment that god gave us...through self less leaders and bad government.Nigeria gave independent from the British in 0ct 1 1960 but since then will have not enjoy the dividend of the democracy in our good road,poor educational sector,poor power supply their is no basic amenities from the government to the masses..but here is just short review that can make our great nation to shine back and live up to the western develop country.

•The Rule of Law;

•Efficient and prompt administration of justice;

•Predictability, objectivity and consistency in government measures;

•Respect for the sanctity of contracts;

•Abandonment of the pursuit of self-enrichment as the motive for seeking political leadership and office;

•Zero tolerance for corruption and the prompt application of adequate sanctions against offenders including seizure of all properties corruptly acquired;

•Efficient and timely service delivery by all government agencies;

•Return to planning and submission to the discipline of planning, respecting pre-determined priorities in the utilization of national resources;

•Return to the principle of collective responsibility of government;

•Entrenchment of merit and the pursuit of excellence as a core national value.

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Joseph Tope Ogunmola said...

Literally i see no developed country in this world, not to talk of Nigeria, our country will be better at her own time...

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