Monday, 6 August 2012

Dangote Company Offer Graduate Driver :#500,000

In my today buzz discussion about the newly offer to public by the owner of biggest company in African and Nigeria no 1 richest man,let get it down here my aliko is not politicians looking for post or government contract,but is business owner real entrepreneur and will can called him business morgue for this generation . Alhaji Aliko Dangote is looking for graduate as driver for is dangote transport fleet company. The salary? N500k that is huge money,but what did this man mean about is offer to the public looking for 2000 graduates as driver for his company .the what about the skill knowledge this people acquire from their various school or is mr aliko digging down Nigeria educational sector or what does this many feeling like ooo....let just review what can be out come of this vacancy to the general public.

(1) Mr dangote is not activist or what people will think about him for or minister of labour or work or and again is not digging the educational sector of the nation maybe poor or good and  again holding high post in Nigeria government?what am saying is that mr dangote is business owner who control and make decision about is company..he looking for what can make is business to go beyond the African continents.

(2)Mr dangote may be looking for well skilled graduate for his company,because of the advancement in technology now such as GPS SatNav enabled trucks that plot their own route from factory to depot..he can used the knowledge of this peopleto earn more money to the business because they are well educated.

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