Tuesday, 10 July 2012



As the reforms agenda of the the CBN over the Nigeria banking sector that affect some notable bank before such as oceanic bank and intercontinental bank and BANK PHB...have come and gone ,but now here are some strong financial bank in Nigeria who still make the top 1000 list of the banking sector in the world..before oceanic bank and intercontinental bank make the list of the 1000 best bank in the world before have merge now,the list of the best bank by financial settlement was compiled by the The Banker magazine, a publication of the Financial Times of London.

NO (1) Zenith is no.7 in Africa and #322 Worldwide, capital of $ 2.398 billion

NO(2) First Bank,#8 in Africa and #338 worldwide capital of $ 2.262 billion

NO (3) GTBank #11 in Africa and # 455 worldwide capital of $ 1.478 billion

NO (4)  Access Bank #15 in Africa and #541 worldwide capital or shareholders’ funds is $1.054 billion

NO (5) UBA BANK #16 in Africa and #563 worldwide

NO (6) Fidelity BANK #17 in Africa and #618 in the world

NO(7) First City Monument Bank  #22 in Africa and #710 in the world.

 But in nutshell bank of American make the number one top on the list with capital of $159.232 billion and JP Morgan was #2 best in the ranking with $150 billion.while their are 4 American banks and 4 Chinese banks on the top ten list...while one British and Japanese Bank apiece also emerging.

 But becase of the fixing stock market scandal in the British bank have set them back in the ranking..

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