Sunday, 29 July 2012

Social Media Are Used To Abused Nigeria Leaders: Say David Mark and Mrs Sarah Pane

                                                                    David Mark
In recent topic about the abuse of the social media against the leaders has being come something interesting now in Nigeria with the removal of the former special adviser to my president on media mater.

Senate president David mark as voices out how the social media has being used to abuse Nigeria leaders and the newly elected special adviser to Mr president on media mater to come out this morning about how the social media has being used to demean leaders.

Mrs Sarah Pane said that the negative use of the social media by Nigerian youths is impacting negatively on the country's image. She added that denigrating Nigerian leaders through the medium has become a pastime of the youths to the extent that the Nigerian President has become the most insulted in the world... here are my fellow Nigeria voices from the twitter account.
       @ifetokimi : First David Mark, then Sarah Pane, Even the C-in-C complained. Twitter is causing so much headache. Is this why Doyin Okupe was hired?
     @emma_dele: Well if you can read this tweet it mean that David Mark and his gang has not passed a law outlawing my twitter account.

In nutshell what i can say is just that Nigeria are using the social media to occupy against the leaders over the poor economy growth of the nation and in terms of the security sector where the BOKO HARAM Sector has being terrorize  the nation.Nigeria are speaking now that what is this government doing since the being of their term,nothing to show for it

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