Thursday, 14 June 2012

Empire Mates State of Mind All Stars Collaboration Album

It is first ever collaboration from one of the Nigeria leading  records label in town EME RECORDS,am talking of EME Album.and it will be featuring their first lady and other unknown artistes 

This was what Banky W had to say:

“We’re very proud of the EME Album. We took our time to put together a fantastic blend of our talents as a collective, while also showcasing what each artiste is able to do individually. It felt like the right time to drop this record; each artiste is bringing his/her A-game, and the production quality is out of this world. There’s something for everybody… songs to dance to, songs to listen to, songs that make you think… We’re very excited about being able to share this with our fans worldwide, and we hope that we’ve been able to live up to and/or surpass their expectations of us. Our work is done. All that remains is for y’all to sit back, relax and press play”.
Here is the official “Empire State of Mind” track listing:

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