Tuesday, 5 June 2012

2face become pastor in ibadan for Star Trek concert

Living legend Nigeria music icon 2face idibia in Ibadan for Star Trek stage on May 25, 2012.
The concert held at Adamasingba Stadium.Turned to pastor while performing live on stage

When singer went into a trance of sorts, praying and prophesying, telling his fans ’we shall be blessed‘, ‘I see a greater future‘.  ’Receive it‘, he told them, filling his set with motivation and inspiration.
After his touching session, he then used his songs to arouse his audience’s spirit, calling for solidarity actions towards the present situation in the country. ‘For instance’ and  ’One love’ were his favorite songs of the night as he boldly modified the lyrics, inserting conspicuous political messages that spoke directly to Government officials.
The crowd watched and listened in absolute silence.
At the end of Idibia’s performance, the audience could not but remain standing for minutes; and it took many sometime, before regaining their ‘consciousness’.

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