Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Begin to sell share to public

Mark Zuckerberg the founder and owner of the leading social networking in the world called facebook as bring another step to the world now by saying they will go on public to sell their share to stock markets.Facebook is already on the verge of turning to the largest Internet Initial Public Offering (IPO) ever, kicking to the side Google’s IPO in 2004 and computer services company Netscape about a decade ago.

The Wall Street firms underwriting the I.P.O. are Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital and Allen & Company.
Facebook’s I.P.O. marks another stage of the Internet’s evolution. It’s so valuable, because it’s not just about content, it’s about our connections’, said Charlene Yi, founder of the Altimeter Group, a technology consulting firm.

Facebook who has about  845 million users around the world is now sekking to have $5b (N800B) according to registration fee calculations.

The leading social networking stater in the year 2004 by Computer prodigy’ Mark Zuckerberg from(thefacebook)harvard university,with just 100 in the single year It has in the last eight years grown into something much more bigger as the site now accommodates sales, advertising amongst other profitable entertainment-eqsue businesses.

The through alexa ranking facebook is now no 2 in the world and no 1 in social networking..

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