Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Man Dumped By Fiancee After Selling Kidney To Buy Engagement Ring.

Some man are to low in term of romantic to the spouse,their is a guy who want to buy engagement ring to his girlfriends as special and dreams ring to her,but he did not have another mean to buy ring to his girlfriend than to go and sell his kidney part why some men will trade their resources or sell their cars,but this man in western country in the Ukraine decided to sell his kidney on the black market. Our Ukrainian friend made out with £12,300 GBP (about $21,000 USD), which according to Blue Nile would return about a two-carat, ideal-cut diamond.

She left him . No comment as to whether he kept the receipt to get the kidney back.

Apparently the concept of “make sure she’ll say yes before getting the ring and proposing” isn’t a widely known one, as Cowboys receiver Roy Williams faced a similar issue (minus the kidney sale) when he presented his girlfriend with a $75,000 engagement ring.
Investigations revealed that kidneys are at times sold for as much as £25,000. Though most sellers agree that greed and the zeal to pay off their debts are the main motivating factors, they also claim the move could help save lives of those in need of the organs.


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