Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ban Christian Association of Nigeria say Jubril Aminu

Former mister of petroleum and former education minster and ex former Nigerian ambassador to the United States Senator Jubril Aminu say yesterday that they should ban the CRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA,WHY Senator Jubril Aminu say that the association not proscribed,why the Muslim could forced to form Muslim Association of Nigeria but what can he say to the comment of Nigerian Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) or the Supreme Council on Sharia in such era where Nigeria is currently process the Islamic banking which will be another system to banking...why this same man when he was as minster of education under the babangida session say that Nigeria school uniforms should be of the Islamic tradition,but the policy was not allow by the christian Nigeria community....why is the world and the nation going, what so called the western education (boko haram)

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