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Gistyinka is a global lifestyle media brand on business news,entertainment,event. As the flagship daily entertainment, fashion, event news & photos online blog in Nigeria, we guarantee quick, rich and accurate information. Perhaps, one reason we have come to be known as the first choice of Nigerians and foreigners spread across the globe.

Founded in December 2010, Gistyinka turned out as the fastest growing site of its kind. In no time, also connected as .

We offer vivid photographs of events, personalities and valuable information to thousands of interested members of the public with just a click on their computer or web browser on their phones. We generate the traffic and also provide a platform for advertisers to showcase their goods and services to the right audience.

Remarkably, the hallmark of Gistyinka’s authoritative news/photos is the mileage we get from researchers, hundreds of websites and media houses who credit stories and photos taken from our medium.

Our strength is in the coverage of the biggest events taking place in the country and our target audience remains Nigerians of different class, particularly youths who forms the greatest number of the population.

Other services rendered by us include

-Online brand marketing solution

-We also build the right blog with professional look

-Promotion of your website

-Online media campaign for corporate organizations, institutions and individuals using blog and other social media platforms. We provide 24 hours support to clients.

-We also handle event photography for corporate organizations, institutions and individuals.

- We also handle event support. Planning to do an event? We have the right buttons and information to help you pull through!